A small selection of work I have done for moving picture. There are further compositions I have completed for different projects in the LISTEN section.

Music and sound design for an animation by Beth Chesser.

Music and sound design for a sci-fi sequence.

I created the music and sound design on this animated short film by Martha Orbach focusing on mental illness within families. It went on to be shown at numerous international festivals and won the Deptford X Fringe Award.

All rights are retained by the owners

UOB title sequence rewrite competition winner. 

All rights are retained by the owners

Alternate title music for this independent Scottish film exploring the gritty underside of the city.

Forest Demon Sound design excerpt.

For this project my band The Galleons were covering our favourite songs for our Youtube channel.  In this instance I arranged, recorded and mixed this classic by Townes Van Zandt.