I've realised over the years that every project is different and my customers and I do our best work when we've been able to have a chat and work out a bespoke plan that works best for them. This can involve a fixed project fee, or charging by the day or by the hour, prices can start from as little as £120 for an eight hour day. SAY HELLO or drop me a line via ben@route49studio.com or by phone at (UK) 07904 081507 to discuss your project and goals.


As well as mixing, mastering and recording I offer the following services:

Composition - I've worked with many artists and companies over the years to produce, write and record music for film, animation, games, advertising, web and contemporary dance.

Sound design - I've worked closely with writers, filmmakers, animators and companies over the years to use sound to tell a story.  

Overdubs - If you have vocals, guitars, drums or anything to add to an existing recording the Route 49 offers a very cost effective way to get a professional sound in a great sounding room.

Location recording - I have an excellent portable rig that allows me to get high quality recordings anywhere. I've recorded everything from an orchestra to a string quartet in all kinds of different spaces ranging from a church to a narrowboat. I've recorded some excellent acoustic band sessions on location and have mixed all kinds of live performances. 

Mix and recording rescue - Sometimes for whatever reason things don't turn out as you'd planned! If you haven't managed to capture the sound you wanted when recording or playing live there is still often an opportunity to re-record, fix or replace parts in a mix.  Using some of the excellent tools and plugins I have available such as Melodyne and BDF3 I can really work wonders to rescue or enhance a recording or mix.  Even if you only a stereo mix available there is still often a lot than be done.

Community - I've worked with a wide range of people in a community setting for many years and have been involved in many music and creative arts projects both in groups and one to one. I firmly believe that making music can be a life changing and positive experience for anyone and everyone.

Producing and co-writing - I'm always very happy to take a back seat and simply focus on capturing a great sound but I am also experienced in helping people take projects forward and in new directions.  I always strive to be calm and easy to work with whilst working hard to harness the creative energy and ideas needed to push projects on to achieve their full potential.