The Brunswick Save our Venues Fundraiser Album


Hi I'm Ben, I'm in The Galleons and I put on gigs at The Brunswick, most often Lonely Disco a bi-monthly band night vaguely focused on indie-folk but with lots of other stuff thrown in and with my wife Martha I run Music Nest 'Grownup gigs that welcome kids'. The Brunswick have been fantastic to work with over the years, the sound is always great, they are supportive of new ideas, they are truly independent from their music to their excellent beer and they generally add a lot to the Brighton music scene. Independent venues are under massive pressure at the moment and many may not make it through this crisis.


I've put together this album featuring some of the musicians who've played at our events over the years and who've kindly given me a track or two for free. Some of the tracks are from albums, some are recorded in sheds, on 4-track tape recorders or on phones at home during lockdown but they're all great and they all represent what I love about independent music and the great artists we have here in Brighton and Hove. Buying this will help ensure we have good live music to go back to. Please check out the artists and support them if you like what you hear, we need  good music to go in our venues as well! If you're a musician and you've bought this I'd also like to offer you 15% off at Route 49 Studio for recording or mixing


All of the money except the fees taken by the online store will go to The Brunswick as part of the Save Our Venues campaign.